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          英文︰The small series with the boiler network to introduce the operation of the gas hot water boiler, including what.

          Gas water boiler belongs to chemical equipment, running, there is a certain risk, so to develop some of the operating standards, to regulate and safeguard the operation of the safety, the operation standards are as follows:

          1 the safety device for each hot water boiler must be sure that the safety device includes the extinction protection, gas overpressure protection, the ultra temperature protection of the furnace and the ultra low water level protection.

          2 according to the special requirements of the gas hot water boiler, each boiler must use automatic ignition process. The pressure gauge installed in each system of the boiler shall be sure to be reliable and accurate.

          . under the conditions of use, running in inlet pressure guarantee in making 0.10Mpa, outlet pressure guarantee in at 0.08mpa, and ensure sufficient water pressure difference.

          4. Gas-fired hot water boiler water temperature requirements: boiler outlet temperature does not exceed 85 degrees Celsius degrees; the heating season should be according to ambient temperature regulation system temperature, system temperature to set / water separator temperature, heat stability, water temperature at night not less than 50 Celsius degree, the daytime temperature reached 55 to 60 degrees Celsius; operation of the heating tank balance during the day temperature is not lower than 60 degrees Celsius degree, temperature not less than 55 Celsius degree, night balance tank temperature not lower than 55 Celsius degree, temperature not less than 50 degrees Celsius. According to the ambient temperature, at any time to adjust the operating temperature.

          5. Hot water boiler water requirements: operation of boiler water pressure is not less than 0.8bar; water supply system to in a timely manner, the minimum pressure of not less than 0.08mpa; normal sewage, deflated, ensure equipment and system of normal and reliable.

          6 gas inlet pressure should be guaranteed in the 100Kpa to 110Kpa, the pressure value of the import filter and the whole set of gas pressure, from the hive property management network.

          7 hot water boiler room should be regular ventilation ventilation, and to ensure the environment and equipment clean.

          Above is the boiler network of small series of gas fired hot water boiler operating standards, including what, the majority of friends have the need to boiler, welcome to inquire to buy. Quality assurance, service class!

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