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          The indicator value of the negative pressure meter of the fuel gas boiler increases suddenly; the furnace chamber becomes black in the furnace, and the flame can not be seen from the fire hole; the combustion sound of the furnace is disappearing; the flame monitor sends out the fire extinguishing signal; the temperature and air pressure drops sharply, and the water level drops first and then rises and so on. Accidents caused by auxiliary machines, such as air blower, blower power supply interruption, and the accident signal, if the fuel supply interruption, the boiler fuel or gas pressure drop to zero.


          If a single burner is extinguished, the flame center of the furnace may be deflected, and the wind pressure of the burner will change. If the fuel supply is interrupted, the oil pressure or pressure indication of the extinguishing burner may drop to zero, and the fuel and gas pressure of other operating burners rise.


          After the above situation, we must deal with it in time to ensure the safety of the boiler.

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