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          Influenced by many factors at home and abroad, China's economic development has slowed down, and the growth rate of power industry has also been inevitably affected. However, according to the analysis, the biomass hot blast stove should not take the question too seriously, thus blindly expanding the investment plan, to our country's long-term economic development damage. The key question now is to grasp the dynamics of the adjustment. On the one hand, we shouldn't invest four trillion dollars in the large-scale planning, especially in jobs with high energy consumption, high pollution and excessive capacity, which will lead to environmental damage and capital waste. On the other hand, in order to influence and stabilize economic growth, it is still necessary to expand capital contribution. The main points of capital contribution should be put in the category of improving people's livelihood, promoting domestic demand and affecting expenditure.

          專家表明,當時經濟下行壓力加大,出口不振,加快推進我國動力公司對外出資能夠有效帶動產品出口,有助于擴展我國動力出口規劃。民企走出去有比國企非︰玫奶跫,因為國企往往會因為政府的布景而被引資國戴上有色眼鏡。民營公司則能夠表現靈活的機制,非︰玫惱箍 醞饌度謐實淖饕。不過,專家建議民企出海投融資應當留意幾點︰榜首,應量力而行不能盲目跟風,有必要在加強市場調研的基礎上,根據公司的實力挑選合適自身公司發展的範疇。第二,應加強對所附出資國的國情、法令,人文的深入研究,防止呈現因為情況不明產生不必要的膠葛或許出資丟失。第三,應對挑選出資的合作伙伴進行深入調查,充沛了解它的實力、公司布景或債款情況。第四,應對戰亂國家或許區域的出資更慎重以確保安全。

          Experts show that the economic downturn pressure increased, export sluggish, speed up the foreign investment of China's power companies can effectively drive the export of products, help to expand China's power export planning. Private enterprises have better conditions to go out than state-owned enterprises, because state-owned enterprises are often attracted by the background of the government to wear colored glasses. Private companies can express flexible mechanisms and carry out external investment and financing operations very well. However, experts suggest that private enterprises should pay attention to a few points in overseas investment and financing: the top, should be able to do without blindly following the trend, it is necessary to strengthen market research on the basis of the company's strength to select the appropriate scope for their own company development. Secondly, we should strengthen the in-depth study of the national conditions, decrees and Humanities of the attached contributing countries, so as to prevent unnecessary gelatin or loss of investment due to unknown circumstances. Thirdly, the selected partners should be thoroughly investigated to fully understand their strengths, corporate background or debt situation. Fourth, we should pay more attention to the investment in the Warring States or the region to ensure safety.

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