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          How much do you know about the specific application of various types of centrifugal fans? Today, centrifugal fan manufacturers will explain this problem. The main contents are as follows: 1. General purpose centrifugal fan is used for directional ventilation of buildings and air supply of industrial furnaces. Domestically produced 4-72, T4-72, 4-79, 9-19, 9-26 series belong to this category.


          (2) Dust exhaust centrifugal fans are used to discharge air containing dust, such as grinding wheels, abrasives, sawdust, particles and pneumatic conveying. C6-48 and C4-73 series produced in China belong to this category.


          (3) Pulverized coal centrifugal fan is used for conveying pulverized coal in thermal power plants. M5-29, M9-26, M7-29 and M5-36 series produced in China belong to this category.


          Explosion-proof centrifugal fans are used to discharge flammable and explosive gases. The impeller materials of these fans are mostly gold-containing aluminium. The explosion-proof centrifugal fans produced in China include B4-72 series, etc.


          _High temperature centrifugal fan is used for discharging gas above 250 C. It is mainly used in gold treatment, power station, chemical industry and other departments. 

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