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          A large number of micro-dust in centrifugal fan work will cause damage to the bearing, blade and motor of centrifugal fan because of long-term accumulation. Because of the small particle size and many kinds of dust, many dust can not be effectively removed, and easy to form damage in the vulnerable parts of centrifugal fan. At the same time, in order to control the cost, improve the ventilation effect of centrifugal fan and reduce the application of centrifugal fan dust collector, some application units of centrifugal fan will cause strong damage of dust to centrifugal fan and increase the risk of wear and failure of centrifugal fan.


          3. Fan runs too fast


          Running speed is another important reason for fan wear. According to the data analysis of fan wear, the degree of wear is related to the speed of fan operation. Under high temperature conditions, the speed of fan operation is doubled and the wear of fan is increased three times. 

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