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          磁力出廠前要進行有關的氣壓實驗的目的是查看高壓有關性能及安全性,其詳細施行進程為︰ 磁力做氣壓實驗的氣體為干燥清洗的空氣、氮氣或別的惰性氣體。實驗進程中應有安全措施,實驗單位的安全管理部門應當在現場進行監督監管。磁力做氣壓實驗進程如下︰實驗時應先緩慢升壓至規則實驗壓力的10%,保壓5分鐘後,對所用焊接接頭盒餃接部位進行查看。在確認上述部位沒有走漏後,持續升壓至規則實驗壓力的50%。


          The purpose of the pressure test to becarried out before leaving the factory is to examine the performance and safetyof the high pressure reaction kettle:

          Magnetic reaction kettle gas pressure testis done for dry cleaning air, nitrogen or other inert gases. In the course ofthe experiment, there should be safety measures, the experimental unit of thesafety management department should be in the field of supervision andregulation.

          Magnetic reaction kettle to do the pressuretest(www.gfanyingfu.com) process is as follows:

          In the experiment, the pressure of the ruletest should be boosted to 10%, and the joint part of the welded joint boxshould be checked after 5 minutes.

          In the confirmation part without leakageafter continuous experimental pressure boost to rule 50%.

          There is no abnormal phenomenon in thecourse of the above process, which will step by step up to 10% step by stepaccording to the experimental pressure of the rule, and keep the pressure for10 minutes. Finally, the design pressure of the high pressure reactor, thepressure to meet the moment to view, check the pressure should adhere to thesame period, if there is a change in the high-pressure reaction tank to confirmthe leak site, should be checked and resolved.

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