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          雙層玻璃的操作流程注意事項有以下幾點︰1、操作及維修人員在進行操作或維修時應將手表、戒指等硬物摘下,以免對玻璃件造成破損,特別是鑽石戒指對玻璃配件輕微掛踫都會造成致命的傷害。2、嚴格遵守產品使用說明書中關于冷卻、注油等方面的規定,做好設備的維護和保養;  3、其電氣控制儀表應由專人操作,並按規定設置過載保護設施。4、所有閥門使用時,應緩慢轉動閥桿,壓緊密封面,達到密封效果。關閉時不易用力過猛,以免損壞密封面; 5、使用時應嚴格按產品銘牌上標定的工作壓力和工作溫度操作使用,以免造成危險。

          The operation process of the double layer glass reaction kettle(www.gfanyingfu.com) hasthe following points:

          1, operation and maintenance personnel in operation or maintenanceshould pick watches, rings and other hard objects, lest of glass causingdamage, especially diamond ring on glass accessories slight hanging touch willcause fatal injury.

          2, strictly abide by the provisions on the use of product cooling,oiling and other aspects of the specification, to do the maintenance ofequipment and maintenance;

          3, the electrical control instrument should be operated by hand, andset the overload protection facilities.

          4, all valves should be used, the valve should be slow to turn thevalve stem, pressure tight cover, to achieve the sealing effect. When close isnot easy to force too much, so as not to damage the sealing surface;

          5, use should be workingpressure and temperature operating in strict accordance with the productnameplate on the use of calibration, so as to avoid danger.

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