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          Workingprinciple of carbon steel reaction kettle:The need for mixing andreaction of many kinds of media according to the proportion of formula intocarbon steel reactor, within a certain range of temperature with stirringsystem of external force, into the object to get the product to make conversionof raw materials. Carbon steel reactor is madeof carbon steel (Q235), is composed of a driving device, a stirring system,sealing components, a cylinder, a heating or cooling device, a support member,by application of the nozzle and other components

          Mixer: the mixed reaction isthe core technology of the carbon steel reactor www.gfanyingfu.com, which involves the flow, heattransfer and mass transfer of the fluid. Stirrer has low viscosity mixer withhigh viscosity mixer and paddle type, open type turbine, disk turbine type,push type mixer with low viscosity, high viscosity mixer with ribbon type,propeller type, box type, anchor type and my company the latest development ofwall scraping stirrer.


          Heat transfer mode: externaljacket, built-in coil for the most commonly used heating or cooling methods.Heating method is divided into electric heating, heat conduction oilcirculation heating, steam heating, far infrared heating, etc., differentprocess conditions, different heat source mode selection of different heating methods.


          Seal form: high vacuum orhigh pressure or high pressure for the mechanical seal, the general situationwith packing seal can be.


          Installation form: placed inthe operating platform which uses ear type bearings; as a stand-alone equipmentused directly installed on the ground when the support or leg support. Nomatter what type of installation is required for the level of.

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